Mysteries of Indiana as Seen from the Left Seat  spring 2007
They're back....... I'm telling ya.

You know those unnatural unexplained close encounters in the night sky.
Something I just had to get to the bottom of.
So while in search of a reasonable explanation while perusing
 a map of Grissom's Military Operations Area north of the base,
when my search rapidly digressed and I found myself reading UFO reports for Indiana from the past.

The sightings for Kokomo from March 2006 were the most interesting.
As some of them describe what I've seen north of there during this time of year, but with a few more twists.

Funny thing is....if I hadn't seen what I've seen for the past two years and this recent sighting I'd probably remark.
'What a bunch of loonies.' upon reading the reports.
Based on the past. I expect the Plymouth to Peru sightings to occur most often during March/April when we have...
Clear Air with Visibility Unlimited and little to no moon illumination.

Flight appears to be less than 2000 AGL and within 5 miles of US 31 out to the west.
Most of my own sightings have occurred between Argos and Mexico after sunset and prior to 23:00 local.

Is the UFO reference in this case implying craft from another world, dimension, or whatever?
More than likely it's our own military on night training maneuvers in the MOA.

Do I think these are Top Secret craft capable of flight previously not realized?
It's highly unlikely they would adhere to a schedule so predictable over a populated area such as this if that were true.

However...... I have witnessed some pretty remarkable moving light arrays out there that I find myself
wondering what the hell was just seen. Know what I mean?

 Update 3/23/07: I had the opportunity to talk with one of Miami County's men in uniform this week.
Initially when questioned on whether he has witnessed the unexplainable lights, he appeared clueless.

Then upon further questioning when he realized I was relentless in my pursuit of the truth.
He mumbled something about flares being deployed from aircraft during training exercises.

'Bullshit....' I said 'You and your fellow conspirators can't cover this one up.
I've seen the light and can neither be fooled nor bought.' .....well, so maybe I can be bought.
But he didn't try, so let it be known I will get to the bottom of this...if I'm not already there. Oh Myyy.

UFO Sightings Link

Not the lights observed...Not even a likeness of lights observed.
Uh...I just thought you might get excited if you saw this.

I have been known to jest regarding the reported and witnessed phenomena
associated with UFO sightings in central northern Indiana (specifically around Kokomo)

Let me add, I and many others were present in the area on April 16, 2008, 22:30 local
when an unexplained event involving an explosion and flying craft occured on the southern edge of Howard County.
If my recollection is correct, I believe there were actually two simultaneous nites of sighted craft and explosions, which were later explained as overzelous guard pilots creating sonic booms.
On the 16th, some of the reports came in as an aircraft crash in a field west of US 31 and north of SR 28.
In fact fire rescue was dispatched to that area. The nearest cross county road was closed for two days after.

UFO HUNTERS which airs on HISTORY channel will be airing coverage of this event the second week of NOV 2008.
It will be interesting to hear their take on the subject.  

If predetermined destiny did exist, there would be neither sin nor redemption.
One's destiny is the result of the choice you make to the challenge at hand.

One's true character is exposed when other's aren't watching.

'The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance.'
If it ain't delusion, then it surely must be conspiracy.

9/30/08 The Indiana Feline Rescue Center does not list Donner among their cats.
They have yet to respond to email inquiry as to what became of him after his escape in 2007.

3/31/07 Donner, the escaped 7 year old cougar (1/05/07) from the Indiana Exotic Feline Rescue Center
in Center Point Indiana has yet to be returned to captivity.
Does a known cougar eluding capture this long add merit to other sightings throughout the Midwest in the past ?

What I'm saying here is if a cougar of known origins can't be found.
 Why should one expect to find an occasionally sighted one with unknown origins.
So maybe those that claim to have seen one aren't mistaken after all.

According to my research staff, there is not a panther species of large cat.
What is commonly referred to as a panther, is actually a black leopard*.
It is generally believed cougars and pumas are most often sighted in the US
with black leopards (panthers) sometimes sighted in the deep south and southwest.

*This feline's actual color is dark brown with black spots.

This ia a  'No Kill'  website as it pertains to sport hunting of a Midwestern Cougar, Puma, or Panther.
However, should you be forced  to kill, maim, capture or injure such animal in defense of life...who am I to criticize.

In the June 2009 issue of Michigan Outdoors, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources
publicly addresses the topic of cougars in Michigan.  Well in a round about way...that is.

The jest of the article is..... they acknowledge there is a presence of cougars within the state.
However, according to the MDNR there has yet to be put forth evidence the cougars are breeding
and reproducing within the state, so therefore in their mind; there is no cougar population in Michigan.

They still desire for you to believe the wide ranging cats seen within the state
 are either transient or caged cats escaped/released back into the wild.

In late August 2015 The Rapid City Journal (SD) carried story proclaiming a young male cougar (2-5 years old)
killed in the summer of 2014 near Lexington KY had tested genetically as a "Black Hills Cat".
KY Wildlife officials were quick to refute possibility the cat had traveled that far on it's own
with explaination it most certainly must have been transported by human
and had then either escaped or been intentionally released.
They attempted to bolster argument by questioning why the cat had apparently not be sighted
between these two locations, if it had indeed traveled on it's own.

If one is to keep an open mind on this topic and has awareness of Donner mentioned previously above
as a cat known to have escaped from captivity in 2007, yet never to supposedly be found again.
Can we apply KY DNR logic to conclude Donner most likely never escaped as he's not knowingly been seen since?